A company using innovative ideas to inspire meaningful change

A company using innovative ideas
to inspire meaningful change

Who We Are

In 2009, fueled by our passion for agile methods, we began by focusing on consulting and training. By consulting with large organizations across many different industries we are able to lead agile transformation initiatives. Our passion for agile methods didn’t stop there. We wanted to empower as many people as possible, so we created certified training program focused on agile methods.

In the training area, we are a leader in the Brazilian market in training and certification focused on agile methods.

Through our trainings, our goal is to allow clients to immerse themselves in various real-life experiences in management and agile practices. In order to empower our clients with this knowledge, we use various teaching and learning techniques so that everyone leaves our courses feeling confident they have the knowledge to implement these practices quickly and consistently.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help our clients be the protagonists of their own challenges, through our innovative values and practices, in search of tangible results.

Our Team

The passion and knowledge of our team of Agile Trainers and Agile Coaches is what makes us a leading company in the agility market, recognized as a national leader in training, consulting, and dissemination of agile practices.

Our Culture

Our culture respects individual differences and encourages people to develop in a productive environment, leveraging their skills and competences, in order to achieve tangible results for the team and the organization. Our values ​​are lived by people on a daily basis and help us build a culture compatible with our purpose.

Our Values

Autonomy Freedom to act and make important and necessary decisions.
Respect for Differences
Respect for Differences Knowing how to live with different ideas, opinions and beliefs.
Confidence To believe in others without doubt and insecurity.
Commitment Take responsibility for others without loosing focus.
Collaboration Contribute more and more to one another’s success.
Welfare Feeling safe to prioritize mental and physical health in the work environment.
Quality of Life
Quality of Life Make work something that contributes to your wellbeing.
Innovation Generate new, creative ideas that lead to solutions.