We are an agile transformation training and consulting company
that helps organizations and people to rethink their way of operating the
delivery of products and services to the market

Overcome the challenges of agile transformation

We believe that agile transformation is much more than frameworks or teaching people about a new process, it is creating conditions for the agile mindset to develop with objectives aligned with the values of the organization itself, employees and customers.

How we help our customers to achieve the benefits of agile transformation

Predictability Shorter and more continuous planning and delivery cycles provide greater visibility of future impacts associated with changes
Time to market Agility in launching new products and services or faster adaptation of existing ones before your competitors
Innovation Support to transform the organization into a storehouse of new ideas in order to contribute to a competitive advantage
Quality Major focus on quality of products and services, from definition to implementation, fostering a culture of continuous improvement
Prioritization Prioritization that helps direct your efforts and investments most likely to generate revenue for the organization
Maximize value With short feedback cycles you create products and services over time with greater value for your customers

Our services for agile transformation


  • Assessment
  • Coaching de times
  • Lançamento de ARTs (Agile Release Train)
  • Lançamento de times Lean-Agile
  • Executive and Leadership Lean-Agile Workshops
  • Treinamentos e Certificações

Training and Certifications

  • Scaled Agile Framework: To scale agile
  • ICAgile:
  • Agile Fundamentals: For agile beginners
  • Agile Coaching: To lead agile transformations
  • Agile Business: Everything about agile in business areas
  • Agile Teams: To boost your team
  • Product Ownership: All about product management
  • Leadership & Management: All about agile management

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